Mourning Star

Mourning Star

By Jeffrey Kieviet

You gave me this
Took it all away from me
One wanting kiss
Left with no humanity
My lungs burn, yearn
Sucked out toxicity
My stomach churns
Forgotten vanity

Never forget you are my angel of
Mercy, pity, destiny and love
Once lost to me and all of time
You are only holy in my mind

Through silent thought
Feel your life stolen from me
Sold, never bought
Thieving divinity
God from machine
There’s nothing left to be
We serve the queen
Found in technology

Never forget you are my god above
The one, no one, singularity love
Wanting, needing, dying to make you mine
I am dreaming, screaming in my mind

No longer one
Nothing is left of me
Sure as the sun
Rising, guiding, stumble blindly
Without spark, dark
Found broken finally
Scarred by your mark
Flames glow as far as I can see

Never forget you are my devil love
No home, alone peaceful dove
Burn out, fade black, closing sign
Plug in, pull out, shut down my mind

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