Spiegel and Zee


Once there was an Eagle. The Eagle’s name was Spiegel.

Spiegel was quite regal, though his actions weren’t quite legal.

So it was that Spiegel, the Regal Illegal Eagle,

Kidnapped a young Beagle, that belonged to Trevor Kriegel.


The puppy’s name was Zee; Spiegel took him to a Tree

On an island in the sea, where he offered him some tea.

And said he’d set him free, if to terms he could agree.

But he said if Zee did flee, eaten he would be.




But Zee was very clever, and so he did endeavor

To be free from this forever, obeying Spiegel never;

With a branch used as a lever, he the Eagle’s grip did sever;

And sprinted fast as ever, to make his way to Trevor.



Spiegel grinned and said “Oh, my; as we are very high,

And since only I can fly, and if you fall out of the sky,

it seems that you will die, perhaps you should not try

To run, though you are spry; I don’t wish to say good-bye.”


But Zee, he wanted freedom; for Spiegel not to eat him;

But in the tree he couldn’t beat him – maybe he could cheat him!

And so he turned to greet him, and said, “I want my freedom!”

And when these words did meet him, the bird did at length in glee hum.


“Right now you’re feeling fear,” Spiegel whispered in Zee’s ear,

“And such a feeling is not queer, but now, listen here,

I have searched far and near, for the meal I’d hoped appear

And when into view you did veer, I shed a happy tear.”


“I know you hate to be my meal, but for a moment, please, get real;

I will starve if I don’t steal, so I had to take you; now don’t squeal.”

“Wait!” said Zee with lots of zeal, “Don’t eat me, please, let’s make a deal!”

Spiegel, still kind of a heel, said, “Too late. Hold still while your skin I peel.”


prison“Mr. Eagle, wait, and listen! There is no eagle food in prison!

For as the sea itself does glisten; and as in the sky the sun has risen;

You’re surely bound for eagle prison! Escapable, I fear it isn’t!

My master, he is nigh-omniscient! He’ll get you quick, cuz he’s efficient!”


Spiegel laughed with a cackle; laughing like a crazy jackal,

But quickly then he felt a tackle; then he felt a painful shackle;

captiansaves puppy

He had a chain around his hackle; he bristled, but alas! Alackle!

They stuffed him up into a sackle! Zee’s collar had been tracked – uh, trackled!



And so the day was won; technology beat Spiegel’s brawn!

And Spiegel found his food was gone; To Eagle Jail he was withdrawn;

He sadly sat at break of dawn; but strangely he was freed anon;

With a note that read, “You are my pawn.” His benefactor’s name was Jon.



With Spiegel out and very mad; this ending’s bittersweet, not glad;

But before you go home very sad; know that things are not so bad.

The puppy Zee will not be had; there’s new security in his pad.

Mr. Kriegel, his human dad, has saved him from that Eagle cad.

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