This is the second time posting this  because I did it wrongly the first time. I had a whole thing I wrote about this and that, but I don’t remember what I wrote… but it was pretty good… really good maybe… maybe not… hhmmmm


Enways, Enjoy 🙂


  1. J.K. Reply

    If you wrote something on wordpress and it went away, chances are it’s saved in an earlier draft somewhere in the online history. If you bother to check your comments on the website, someone like myself or Derek could probably help you.

  2. Derek Hobson Reply

    These are awesome, I’m wondering if we should create a new music mashup page to list these or just create a “Bill’s Corner.”

    • J.K. Reply

      I say a music mashup page, or something along the lines of “audio” so if we ever do podcasts (or movie commentary tracks!) we have a spot set up.

  3. madwilliam2012 Reply

    We should just have something of a media section. It can have its own sub sections for mash-ups and pod casts or anything else media related, including video if we ever wanted to do anything with that. And you know I didn’t “bother” to check my comments Jeff. I didn’t “bother” to post anything before a week ago, for months.

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