Haters Love that Happy Violence


So here is the thing about Average Bill… and yes,,, I am drunk and yes,,, three commas in a row, were intentional the way three periods sometimes are… and yes,,, I am drunk… did I say that yet? Point in case, I give you my corner again of primitivescrewheads.net, and I am grateful to have a place here. In this mash-up I half way cheated,  but only in that I know that Dada life ( the producers of one of the songs), loves the song Haters (the title of the other song), to the extent that I knew that they ought work together quite splendidly. But, when it comes down to it, what else be the job of a DJ? And please tell if you have thoughts. I am still learning and hold no pretense on the matter. 🙂


  1. Derek Hobson Reply

    Awesome! I have no idea who Dada life is, but this feels super organic!

  2. J.K. Reply

    Good job Bill! 3 weeks in a row,,, well done. Yeah, maybe in your drunken preamble (postamble?) you could give a more info on what’s going on, the process, the parties involved, what IS music? That sort of stuff. Cuz from this I’m taking that Dada Life did Happy Violence, & someone who is not Dada Life did Haters. Let us into your world, brah.

  3. Pierce Nahigyan Reply

    I loved this one. Can you give us some details on what programs you use and what your process is? I’d love to get into this stuff myself. Great work!

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