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Hey there screwheads,

Sorry for my inconsistency with post times. I tried to get this up yesterday, so as to not step on the literary toes, if you would, of any other screwhead who usually posts on Mondays, but the internetz in my house pulled a fail last night and I couldn’t upload my set to Soundcloud, so because of this I had to post it today.

With that said, today I have something a little different to share, other than the usual two song mash I make. Instead, I made short, ten minute, very simple set that I can walk you through set by step, so you can get a little better idea of what a DJ is doing (or at least trying to do) on stage.

Firstly, what is a set? A set is a series songs played by a dj or dj group, mixed using the beatlocking, timing, and mashup techniques I have been showing you over the past few posts (as well as many other techniques), to create a stream of seamlessly played music. Sets, can be anywhere from, as I am about to show you, 10 minutes long, all the way to 10 hours long depending on the event, and where the set is being played. The set should create a fluidity between songs, such that unless you know the songs he is playing, or the DJ wants you to know, you should not be able to tell where one song begins, and the other ends.

To demonstrate what is happening in my set, I will give you a play, using the time of the set as a marker so you know what point Im talking about. I.E, at 4:45 (min:sec) such and such is happening and I did this, I wont list them all, but what I do list should give you some idea of what’s going on.  There is a link to my set at the top and bottom of the page so you can follow along. (And sorry Jeffery; there is no Metal or Manson in this set. I’m trying to sort out how to mix that genre of music, but I’m having a hard time figuring it out.)


Hey Brother(Alex Dreamz Mash)- Avicii, Bad Bill, & Steve Smooth
Springen (Original Mix) – MAKJ
Spaceman Jag (Mats Live Edit) – Maggio & Don Palm vs Hardwell
Epic (Original Mix) – Sandro Silva & Quintino
Kick Out The Epic Motherf**er – Dada Life

Play by Play:

0:00 – 0:17: In order to create the build-up of volume in the guitar, I put the the track in a two beat  loop (the two strings of the guitar) and slowly increase the volume, then release it into the beat and vocals of the song when I have the volume full.

1:25: I start mixing in the second song. The 1,2,3 Jump, is from Springen. As soon as the vocals end, I slam out of Hey brother, and let Springen play.

1:31: I beat snag a beat from Hey Brother, thus the reason it sounds a little different. In Springen there is a beat left out here, so I snagged the beat playing at the same timing from Hey Brother to mix things up a bit, and also subtly let the listener know that we haven’t stopped listening to Hey Brother entirely yet, making the set more seamless.

1:35: Another beat snag

1:39: Another beat snag

1:43: Another beat snag

1:56: I start to transition back into Hey Brother. When the guitar starts again, its the only song playing

2:32: I snag the 1,2,3 jump vocals from Springen, to again, create flow and link the songs, but then smash back into Hey Brother so we can hear its drop also.

2:37: I snag some of the sound from Springen to again give it a “mashup” feel.

2:41: I snag from Springen again

2:44: I snag from Springen again

2:47: I snag from Springen again including the WOOO vocals

3:04: I play both songs at the same time on top of each other to intensify the build up

3:17: I transition out of the double buildup into just Springen

3:30: I begin easing into Spaceman Jag, using the breakdown at the end of Springen to do it smoothly

3:47: With the volume of Spaceman Jag at full, I quickly drop out of Springen to give that backwards drop effect into the woman’s voice.

For the next chunk of time, I let most of Spaceman Jag play out. I do this, because I use it as an almost link, or bridge between mashups. Mashups, when done well, are rad, but,as one of my friends put it, sometimes you just have to let the song drop. Point being, it’s fine to let a song play out in a set, and do very little to it, if you know it’s going to be what your audience wants to hear, and it helps with the over all flow of the set. The key is knowing the right times to do it.

6:09: I start to ease into the next song Epic. The drum and snares you hear are from Spaceman Jag, and the synthesized noise you hear in the background is the build up for Epic.

6:47: I drop out of the Spaceman Jag drum and snares, using the build up of Epic to cover the transition, smoothly creating anticipation for the soon to come drop.

7:00: I bring in Kick out the Epic Motherfu**er, balance the the volume and levels of both songs, then let them drop and ride out together at the same time, creating another mashup.

7:32: I transition into the build up of only Kick out the Epic Motherfu**er, and let it build.

8:48: I slowly start easing the build up of Epic back into the set

9:00: Epic is now back at full volume and I again let the two songs ride on top of each other.

9:32: Kick out the Epic Motherfu**er ends allowing Epic to play out to completion and end the set.

And there you have it. There is more that goes into all of it, obviously but this should at least, like I said before, give you an idea of what is going on. And with that Im spent. Sorry again for the delayed post screwheads.

Till next week,stay average Screwheads.


  1. Derek Hobson Reply

    This was awesome! I could actually follow along and know what you were talking about. That was f**king amazing!! Keep ’em coming!

  2. J.K. Reply

    Well done Bill. I like the set but the explanations and written details make this the best post you’ve done so far!

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    now whenever a comment is added I receive 4 emails with the exact same comment.
    There has to be a way you can remove me from that service?

    Thanks a lot!

    • doz Reply

      I don’t know if I can, but usually the emails say “unsubscribe” at the bottom.

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