1. J.K. Post authorReply

    Spider-Man should have just jumped onto the ambulance to ride it to the emergency. Silly Spidy. Good comic sir! But isn’t Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania?

    • Derek Hobson Post authorReply

      In the sequel, I’m thinking of giving him roller blades to latch on the back.
      I think there’s a Pittsburg(h) with the “H” is in Pennsylvania. And then there’s one without in California and Kansas — if I’m not mistaken.

      • Pierce Nahigyan Post authorReply

        You are correct. I just wikied it.

        Very funny comic. I think about this a lot more than a healthy person should, how characters like Batman and Spider-Man and Daredevil are entirely dependent on tall buildings to swing from. They would not be functional superheroes in Orange County or Amarillo, Texas.

        • Derek Hobson Post authorReply

          Personally, I don’t think that’s an unhealthy thing to think about. Since, when you watch Raimi’s Spider-Man anyway, all I want to do is swing around, but growing up in Irvine, I realized how futile that would be.

      • J.K. Post authorReply

        You’re right, I do not do research & I’m terrible with geology. I know it’s geography, that’s part of the joke. I like to talk about rocks, locations, & shapes and mix up geology, geography, & geometry. It’s kind of my go to schtick.

  2. Average Bill Post authorReply

    haha Derek jokes. This one is actually funny though and I don’t have to appreciate it just on an intellectual level. 😉 Haha, good shit man

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