The Filthiest of Grime, Dubstep


Are You Afraid Of The Dark (Phrenik Remix) – Figure feat. Lexi Norton
Can’t Control Myself (Candyland VIP) – Krewella

Hey there Screwheads,

Average Bill here with another mash up for you listening pleasure.

The style of house music I used in the mash up is called dubstep, and it’s one of my favorites. Characterized by consistent, high levels of energy, and not so consistent, highly modulated bass lines, dubstep is the closest genre of house music one might consider to be mosh pit worthy. My favorite aspect of the sound is how A.D.D friendly it is, making it much easier to mix in complex ways. Transferring back and forth between songs every few seconds is possible in ways that are simply impossible in other styles of music. In this mash up, like I do in most of my dubstep mashes, I use this quick transfer technique, in and out of the two songs to create something that isn’t so much a blending of the two songs, but instead makes a sound that is unique. Think of scratching records without the actual scratching, and you have a rough understanding of what I do. I like this style of play, because it creates a noise that more or less can’t be remade, meaning if I remixed this song again, while it would sound similar due to using the same two songs, it would still be noticeably different, at least slightly so.

I also tried something new this time around by messing with the pitch of the songs. The vocals in the opening build up sound a lot lower in their natural state, however the song also has a much lower bpm, meaning I had to speed it up to match the bpm of the second song. When you speed up someone talking, as I sure you all know, the pitch of their voice sounds a lot higher. Usually to avoid this I use a pitch lock tool that my software has so that while it’s moving faster, the pitch stays the same, but for this mashup, I decided against it because I thought the higher pitch sounded unique and different. I will leave it up to you to decide if you agree.

That’s about it for today. If you have any questions, comments, requests, or remarks, feel free to leave em in the comments section below.

As always, stay average everyone.


  1. J.K. Reply

    2 weeks in a row, woot! I really like this mix, of course, I am also more partial to dubstep. And I think the high vocals sound good!

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