Royals Kill Robots

Hey there guys, Average Bill here with another mash up. In this weeks mash-up I wanted to make something a little more top 100 so that people who usually don’t listen to EDM (electric dance music) can enjoy it. I also didn’t like the original version of the song I used, so I figured I would be a fun task to remix it in a way that I could enjoy. Both tracks are running at about 89 bpm if I remember, but I locked the pitch of each song which creates a unique sound since both songs are in different keys. The songs I used are Royal by Lorde, and Kill Robots by ZYANi. I hope you all enjoy i

Stay average everyone and thanks for listening!!!

PS. I know usually you can listen to the song on the website, but it isn’t working with this song for some reason, so instead just click the link provided and it will bring you to the song on my soundcloud page


  1. J.K. Reply

    Definitely a unique sound. I’m a big fan of the Lorde. I’m still waiting to see you remix some metal! Also, this may be a conversation for everyone, but for $20 a year, we can upload mp3 files directly to the website, this may also be good if we get the Poditive Screwcasts going, but I don’t know if that means people can download the files (which would be sweet for podcasts) or just listen online.

    • Average Bill Reply

      Thanks for listening. Did you like it or no? I try to make a bunch of different sounds for different people so you might not like all of em. And I like the mp3 idea

  2. Derek Hobson Reply

    Love these! I don’t know if this is a complement doing what you do, but I can’t tell that there are multiple songs in there. Seems seamless. Which is pretty cool. Could imagine it on the Gossip Girl soundtrack–which is a brilliant show, like actually! I’m not being sarcastic.

    • Average Bill Reply

      Rad! And yes that is a compliment. In a perfect mash-up unless you know both songs you shouldn’t be able to tell it’s two songs, so thanks a lot! 🙂

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