Writing For An Audience

empty-audienceTo those still interested:

It’s really difficult to know what an audience wants. Partly because of them not knowing what they want. But also because it’s difficult to know — as an author — what to give.

Content is difficult to maintain in order to make it new but also a mark of the writer. It isn’t just the self that produces the work. Everyone else who is doing and who has already done the same kind of thing and going through the same kinds of processes are also involved. It’s difficult to be continuously original. Criticism is getting overwhelming too. The honesty behind an individual’s work is usually pretty intense. When truly invested in a production — the time leading up to a final product — those words that aren’t sticks and stones and that will never hurt you have some pretty strong reverberations. People try to protect themselves because of how much more the emotions will have an effect during a moment of vulnerability.

Some criticism, maybe most, won’t linger too much but every so often you’ll find someone saying something that somehow just finds a way into your inner-most workings and scrambles everything into something resembling jumbled wires in a shoe box.

So when there is emotion branded in a personal production there is not often a particular audience in mind, especially the first time, which creates purity in an art form. But when your mind is flooded with influence the virginity vanishes.

Still, people are resourceful and they keep fighting for what they believe in. My advice: if you believe something do so with every fiber of your body. Keep from doubting yourself but also be open to perspective. Create a strong foundation for yourself and don’t be afraid to rebuild but maintain something to start with. If not: find something…

But then again I’m just trying to find something the audience wants to read.


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