Don’t Drink the Water

dont-drink-the-waterI guess, more than anything, motivation comes from not knowing.

Example: there’s this girl…

I know her first name. And her last name. I know what she looks like. I can guess some things about her and assume other things to fill in what I don’t know. But I get no certainty of details in doing any of that. There’s plenty I can do to remove doubt and curiosity but there’s also the risk of ruining the mystique that exists when I see her. People maintain a lot of quirks. Not just on an individual level but in social and cultural contexts too. You can’t make too drastic a change to too many people.

…very delicate creatures.

The transition between animalistic and advanced (or beyond human) – where, I think, we are – is extremely fragile. But also not. More specifically the risks are too high and possible collateral damage isn’t worth it. There are a current set of rules or standards that nobody will truly tamper with. In that sense it is the “not knowing” that motivates people not to do anything. The uncertainty in the future, man-made or affected by time, causes unease in the current people.

Current motivation is momentarily static. There are not enough unanswered questions which simply does not will people to move forward through all kinds of possible progressions. Like others, I am baited by the idea but there is not enough certainty in the end result to keep me hooked for too long. Comparatively or metaphorically or any kind of “-aly” my relationship life is like the communal lives of all people. I’m currently happy and don’t want to risk any sort of downturn only because I’m tired. I need a break. And for the moment I am settled. Tomorrow may be different but for today I just want to sleep in and not worry about the possibility of change because I don’t have to. But minds change.

People are predictable but no one knows which option any person will act on. So: while there is only one answer the question is multiple-choice with all the answers being right or wrong or…whatever. There can be a “right” time or it could completely skip a generation. There is no foreseeing nor is there a true deciding factor. You can ask the same question twice in the same way and get the same answer with completely different meaning or connotations. There are a lot of different variables.

This girl is never really on my mind – nowhere near the forefront. Not even anything remotely near a daily thought. She’s only present when she crosses my senses. Particularly my vision. So if I never see her again will my desire fade and will I then constantly remain static or will the curiosity grow to consume me causing an act or chain of acts that cause a drastic life change that I will be better – or worse – off with? Couldn’t say. Or must it be the way she refuses to acknowledge my existence that piques my interest? And the only thing I’m doing about it is taking this to unnecessary lengths with no future in any world, present or not. So what’s my motivation in terms of this example? Metaphorically, what’s yours?

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