Average Bill HighJACKED the site!!!!!!@$#@%$@$~!!!#

It’s late and I stole the site from the other screwheads, but I did for good cause. I need you fucks to hear this. It’s long, but it is also an example of what I hope to accomplish someday. If you let there be there is emotion in this set. You can hear it in song selection and timing. The style. The bpm. If you have paid attention to what I have been posting then you might have an idea of what I am saying. Try and understand why the dj picks the songs he does both vocally and how it makes you feel. See if you can sense a story or sort of dream in it. It’s there if you let it be. Don’t argue with it. It’s called trance for a reason. You need to trance out. You need to let go. Accept what you hear for what it is and let it be. It will move you. Just let it.

Stay Average my friends, and you can have your site back 😉



  1. Derek Hobson Reply

    What a way to kick off my Friday morning! This is awesome! I just read a thing that says “music” is the only substance that engages more of your brain than anything else. This is inspiring, thanks for sharing.

    • J.K. Reply

      You high-jacked the site??? get it? Anyway, is that why everything is all blue and green now? What happened to Halloween colors?

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