When to Edit and When to Publish

writing-with-penPart I

June 4, 2014

Though my tenure among my fellow Screwheads is still young the audience has been ever-present.  Even on a good day, I am detached in terms of being involved in the site.  I’m not sure which people – fellow writers or otherwise – actually read my work but the number doesn’t worry me.  Nor are numbers the reason for this entry.  I write today to share with you that I am not actively publishing for an audience any greater than two (one of which is myself).  I don’t know how often I am on the site checking if my work is still up or what new piece has been uploaded and if that piece involves me.  I have a pretty deep paranoia-type characteristic (nothing out of my control) which causes me to read and re-read my work often…among other things.

I am also aware of the mistakes made and where I can add more content.  But I will not re-write any published work because my ideals are founded in constantly creating more than revisiting.  I have two classifications for my writings: finished and unfinished.  The latter will not be published unless it is absolutely what I want it to be.  The former is what I believe has enough merit to be published.  There has been only one exception and I hope to leave it at that.  Because of this “paranoia,” and some other factors I’m sure, I was extremely hesitant to join this cast.  But with enough persistence I was persuaded to commit.  And a lot of my time now is spent on things relating to PrimitiveScrewheads.net.

…And as I listen to a song I love while I drink a cup of coffee I think about all the origins of the other things that occupy my time on a regular basis.  I don’t write to appeal to a large audience or to create another form of revenue for myself.  I write because I know I’m good at it and because I love it.  There was a bit more eloquence behind my ink a couple of years ago; a faster pace at least.  But with figurative rust and a lack of practice and exercise it has become more difficult to create as an artist.  This isn’t my sell-out phase nor is it any kind of slump.  The responsibilities in my life have gained priority over the things I do on my own time.  It’s also really hard to constantly come up with new ideas that go on longer than a few sentences.  If anyone’s got something good, I’d probably be up for it; I’m open to requests.

I do not take back any of my actions.  I stand firmly behind them.  But I do know there can always be improvements; I look for them. I will admit though: one of the reasons behind this entry involves the ink in a pen I want to use up just so I can start using a new one.

Part II: Still the Same Pen

June 5, 2014

But I’m sure I had a point too.  I don’t write just to write.  I don’t do it because I have nothing else to do or because I have to meet a deadline.  Outside my audience of two, I write for anyone else that might consider reading.

And it’s tough.  My writing does not make for a simple read.  Neither do I really have a message to look forward to that you couldn’t have learned on your own.  There’s not much that I even say directly.  It’s very open and kind of neutral.  But that’s me.

Aside from my own troubles in writing, I don’t particularly know who or how much of an audience I actually have.  Or how many people look forward to my updates.  And it’s nothing I’m losing sleep over but sometimes my curiosity does spike.

Overall I like to share what positive energy I have with any person that is open to accepting it.  I do withhold a lot of information from everybody else but it’s hard to know how much an individual is willing to accept or internalize.  Our environment is a lot more fragile than the majority of us believe it to be.  It is most of a good system but, as with anything, there are areas that can definitely be improved.

And I’m not complaining.  I’m not trying to start a movement.  I’m not trying to change anything.  I don’t even want to be noticed or recognized.  It was pretty difficult to get me to even start writing for this site.  But I have grown to love these kinds of projects.  It keeps me thinking and keeps me involved in something outside of work.

By the way: I figured out where I was going with this entry and it’s a lot simpler than the content may have alternatively led…

To my fellow Screwheads:

I thank you for including me in your circle and I hope only to aide in your journey through the internet and that this site blows up like a Boom-Stick in the face of evil.

Your fellow partner in what may turn into gaining control over the world.


  1. J.K. Reply

    Glad to have you Sir! I hope writing with us continues to be a fun time. And if you ever want to try a tandem story, I’m always down. Not that I’m super regular with my posting. Or even reading. I’m clearly this far back reading our site as of today. But onward & upward!!!

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