Bill made a mashup


What’s up guys? How are things? That’s good. So I made a mashup. I have made several lately to be honest but I haven’t shared any because they haven’t been turning out very well. The reason they haven’t been turning out very well is because I have been trying to learn how to use new professional software called Traktor and I am a slow learner. I finally feel I’m starting to really get the hang of it (sort of) and as such I have something I feel comfortable sharing. The new software allows for many new and interesting options for mixing and blending that I didn’t have available before including overlays, effects, and the filter nob. I have not learned to use the effects or overlays (There are tons of them and I don’t know what most of them do.) however the filter nob is one of the best tools for blending that I have ever used. It more or less adjusts the sound of a song to focus more on treble or bass to varying degrees based on how you use it. This allows you to find ways in and out of songs more easily during song transitions and makes it easier to blend music. For example if I want the voice of a song but the bass is too high I can apply the filter to be more treble focused and turn down the base slightly which results in vocals sounding more isolated or focused. You can then take these vocals and throw them on top of another song or beat to create a song or mashup. I’m sure there is a lot more too it than that and I’m sure I am fundamentally using the tool incorrectly but what can I say… I’m only Average.

In the mashup you will hear what I am talking about. The opening minute and a half of the song is a ten second loop that I kept fast forwarding and rewinding through over and over while keeping on beat and filtering out the treble. This creates the heartbeat sound that you will hear. Over the minute and a half I slowly filter back in the treble which you will hear as the piano and other musical sounds find there way back into the song. When I finally release the loop and allow the song to start fully I have the filter perfectly balanced and thus the song sounds as it should. I use a lot of filter during the transitions in out of both songs which is a little harder to hear, but that’s that point; you shouldn’t hear it.

With that said, let me know whatcha think and enjoy! Stay Average everyone.

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