The (Iron/Bat) Man – Tony/Bruce/Stark/Wayne Fiasco: World Cup Edition

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Movement the Third: Interlude

Much like most major sporting events all focus is on fútbol right now.  There is a continuous flurry of excitement and conversation among all kinds of people.  There are upsets, last-second scores, stories that chronicle redemption for some teams or players and heartbreak for others.

There’s a humanity in soccer not found in many other instances.  There’s a kind of love you won’t get anywhere else.  It’s not just the aspects of the game or the unity in the world.  It’s an artistry that isn’t credited.  It’s creation under pressure; continuous innovation motivated by rivalry and competition.  Beyond statistics and points the players evolve the game.  Supposed limits imposed by rules and regulations are surpassed with imagination.  Excitement occurs from that which has yet to be seen.  Or that which has been done but happens in such a way that has yet to be thought of or implemented correctly.

Greatness is noted in any aspect of any event.  Names will be recognized regardless of notoriety (in the sense of: one can know a name without knowing why).  The current generation of Artists are still in the midst of their craft but like those that came before them, their names are slowly being etched into the minds of the audience.  Names like Donatello, Rafael, Leonardo, Michelangelo are joined by new artists like Pelé, Messi, Sánchez, Márquez (names chosen half by talent, half by favoritism and bias).  But these artists – the things they, among others, do with the ball – are amazing, spectacular, jaw-dropping, and altogether poetically unrealistically talented.

The hard bends.  The soft touches.  It’s a beautiful sport.  But it isn’t just the artistry on the field that lends itself to the excitement.  Soccer has since created a mindset thus the current hashtag: “becausefutbol.”

Outside of the enthusiasts – the fans, players, coaches, etc. – there is also the Artists’ perspective.  The one that does not look for a win or a loss; not for points or upsets; no fame, no fortune.  The artist sees life.  Creation.  Something to fight for; to preserve.  Those 90(plus) minutes of football allow for something greater in people.  Not only is there creation on the field there is also creation that comes from the events that transpire.  People gain hope and a multitude of emotions with every shot, save, and pass.  There is also direct focus from people.  And from all that soccer creates – the energy and its execution – there is more meaning in life.

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