Avengers Age of Ultron Review: Running Doesn’t Always Stand for Escape


Killing this Quicksilver was the right choice.  The Quicksilver in X-Men will sell more tickets and keep more attention despite his time on-screen.  I think it’s the goggles.

As an Artist: selling out sucks.  And the line is getting blurred with each new movie from the likes of Disney, Marvel, and Sony.  I commend Joss Whedon for following up his first Avengers with a solid second.  It was damn difficult for me to avoid any new information and I have no idea what was in previews or teasers.  I saw a quick image of Iron Man in the Hulk-Buster suit and maybe some water.  Joss Whedon does good work.  People know that and people are still angry about Firefly.  Whedon knows how to write with a lot of characters.

I’m not sure if it was timing or how things went down on the set: I’ve only seen Age of Ultron twice – so far – as opposed to its predecessor at least 30 times (real number, it is a pretty good movie).  I did my best to view this sequel as its own piece as much as I could but it was no easy feat.  I assume there were a lot of cuts and a lot of things that had a bit more film involved.  I’m sure the F.R.I.D.A.Y. involvement initially carried a little more explanation as well as Thor and maybe Ultron’s screen-time.

Similarly, I liked X-Men: First Class much more than Days of Future Past.  It isn’t only that the cast might feel they don’t need to work as hard but sometimes that the Artistry is forced.  Time is an enemy in this case.  Sometimes the Artist does not know what comes next and sometimes they don’t have the right knowledge or inspiration for that which follows.

Derek is right about the lack of a protagonist.  A protagonist isn’t the most important nor is it the character with the most authority.  The protagonist guides the story; is the common piece that guides every scene and progresses everything from start to finish.  The Avengers, in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe arc, was essentially the end of Act I.  The Protagonists were Stark and Fury.  The two accounted for importance of story and vibrancy in personality.  Iron Man 3 through Cap 2 I will call an interlude.  They serve as more exposition for clarity and structure while Guardians of the Galaxy introduces the Other-Worldly.  Age of Ultron in this timeline is the beginning of Act II.

Second acts are often regarded as being the rising action or essentially confrontation.  Civil War is the right thing to do now.  The protagonists I would have chosen for this movie are Hawkeye supplemented by The Vision.  Hawkeye would have served as stability including action as Fury was while The Vision replaces the metal man.  The two would also have paired well in terms of representing extremes: Hawkeye as the “lesser” Avenger and Vision as the “new kid” with abilities prepared for the more powerful villain.

I’m happy with the end-result.  I’m glad Hawkeye is still alive.  I like where Hulk was going.  I look forward to the future interactions between Stark and F.R.I.D.A.Y.  I’m excited for Black Panther.  The Avengers’ tower is bitchin’.  The Avengers theme song was composed perfectly.  There’s a lot more left in the play.  Everything is about to go down.  Act II just started and there has never been an Act III like the one that is to come.

I’m excited.

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