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  • A Crucial Juncture
    At the crossroads of life and death, choosing to survive may turn out to be more unknown that the afterlife.
  • I’m (Not) Too Good for You
    How prolonging the end of a romantic relationship can cause more grievance than a one-night stand.
  • The Calm Before…
    A specific moment from a specific video game that I wrote a fanfiction of and changed the names. Hoo-rah!
  • A Hero’s Death
    In the trenches. No hope of escape. Three men admit their shortcomings… the fourth calls them all dicks.
  • An Average Conversation with the Mrs.
    And the lies we tell on a daily basis to protect them.
  • Back to Surreality: A Day at the Dock
    It’s hard to know if trauma is real when you have nothing to show for it.
  • Out of Cash
    When the bank account runs dry, choices must be made for an uncertain future.
  • Chipotle Burrito Anxiety
    A confession about the staple task at Chipotle.
  • The Colloquial Sequitur “Yeahno” 
    A script about the usage and definition of “Yeahno.”
  • Worst Hangover Ever
    In July of 2009, I had the worst hangover of my life, so I wrote it into a short story as a reminder to never repeat the mistake again.
  • Pears, Pearls, and Penis-Envy
    Bill contacts Derek about his interpretation of a short story and it’s kinda brilliant.
  • The Rich Get Richer
    A dystopian future where you work hard to be promoted up the floors or you join the masses of starving hands down below.
  • I Felt Like Dancing
    A short story about a boy who resolves his anger issues with a vivid imagination.
  • An Empty Cathedral
    Two boys live out a high school fantasy of entering a movie theater after hours.
  • Politics to Laymans
    A short, comedy script about the war in Afghanistan.
  • Pit of the Infinite
    Jacob finds William alone in an alley wasting away and utterly content.
  • Captain Pollard’s Cemetery
    After Captain Pollard’s second failed voyage, he becomes a grave-keeper in Nantucket where rumors float concerning his cannibalistic survival after the Essex…
  • Waiting for Gay Jesus
    A group of friends sit around a table and discuss why they’re excited for LGBTQ rights… some more nobler than others.
  • The Red Door
    A horror story of a door that changes rooms.
  • The Trial and Error
    A parody of the existential question in The Trial written as a dialogue between the inspector and the gatekeeper.
  • An Old Man
    A parody of The Old Man and the Sea featuring just an old man in a Hemingway-esque short story.
  • Repercussions of Telecommunications
    Ricky Lujan finds himself unemployed for not lying to a client.
  • Hung from Heaven
    The final manuscript from Kyle Higgins as presented by editor Mark Shepherd. The story of a boy, who everyone believed was sent from the heavens, only to become the snake charmer that got his viper stuck in the overcast.
  • War of Song
    The Musical gods have always understood that their craft is symbiotic with rebellion. And even those that were against violence, like Harmony, have never understood the real impact of war because they were contained in the human world. However, when it expanded to their realm, true chaos began…
  • First & Third
    Every child goes through life within their own world. This narrative features 3 stories that begin from the mind of a child (1st person) and then shift to an objective onlooker (3rd person) to show what sparked the child’s thought.

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