Jurassic World Review: Death by Entertainment

Jurassic World is a bad movie and you shouldn’t watch it. I sat through 40 minutes, but was only actively participating for the first ten. In the trailer, a nondescript woman tells Chris Pratt that people are bored with dinosaurs and I was appalled by that sentiment until I “saw” the movie.


I don’t want to prattle on on Pratt, the uninspired visuals, and the meta-surrender of Spielberg — especially when negative criticism can spark a morbid curiosity. Jurassic World is simply boring and to talk more on that is a disservice to me and you.

I shouldn’t spend more hours writing this review than it takes to see the movie yourself. So here’s some food for thought instead.

In Infinite Jest, a key plot point is how Hal Incandenza’s father developed a film that is so entertaining, people watch it until they die. This concept isn’t limited to the film he created either as a character readily admits that his father (not Hal’s) died by way of entertainment. The father watched M*A*S*H* ad nasuem; knew every joke; every inflection on every line. He’d watch reruns over and over. He’d work jokes from the show into conversation and play it off like he wasn’t waiting for the opportunity. Arguably, he spent more time watching and thinking about the show than it took to write, produce, and film.

Death by entertainment.


There’s something to be said about that and not just a reference to the kids who die playing World of Warcraft. When a movie comes out, we want to talk about it, even if it’s just to recap and highlight things we liked. We talk about what we want in the sequel, read news leading up to it, watch videos about expectations, rewatch the first one. It dominates our thoughts and this can hinder creativity and thoughts on existence. For instance, why write a review on Jurassic World when I could be writing a short story – and especially when I don’t make money doing this.

Of course, on the opposite side, movies I like provide me with a message to live by. Despite its flaws, Sunshine made me understand the motivations of atheism and I could apply that to my life and interactions with people. TMNT and Reign Over Me are deeply flawed films… but I gained something from them. But bad movies? There’s nothing to gain from a bad movie, and the only reason you might read a review of a bad movie is to hear the argument. But I don’t need to prove Jurassic World is a disappointment to you.

I needed Jurassic World. I needed it to remind me what I should be doing. I needed it to explain to me what DFW meant in Infinite Jest. I needed it to move forward.

I needed it, not you. Don’t see this shitty movie.

Jurassic World (2015)
Directed by Colin Trevorrow
2h 4min

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